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Openness, humanity distinctive features of national identities of Jordan, Italy

Jun 18,2018 - Last updated at Jun 18,2018

We have postponed the celebration of the Italian National Day in Jordan from June 2 to June 20 in order not to interfere with the holy month of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr festivities. By coincidence, this has brought, both in Italy and in Jordan, new governments and new political, economic and social expectations. We are confronted with brand new scenarios to explore, which we can do by relying on a lasting friendship. This is even more important when we sail in unchartered waters and we need each other, probably more than ever. 

We need to nurture the strong and comprehensive political ties created in the past. A photographic exhibition, at our national day reception, will recall the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relations in 1949 and the opening of a provisional Italian embassy at the Hotel Philadelphia, near the Roman Theatre. 

We need to remind ourselves how close our countries and our peoples have always been, notwithstanding different traditions and identities. We are very grateful to Senator Hisham Khatib, who kindly offered to display some precious maps and drawings of the Mediterranean Sea and Palestine, selected from his famous private collection. 

This event will be part of an ambitious cultural programme called “Italy, Cultures, Mediterranean”, where the first and the third element of this trio are kept together by the pluralistic nature of the cultural dimension, the real key for dialogue and mutual respect. 

Equally important is the preparation of the 14th International Conference on the History and Archeology of Jordan, to be held in Florence between January 21-25 2019. We will honour this event, that deserves attention and support. The recently established Italian Archeological Consortium in Jordan will play its part, with the full commitment of the Italian embassy and of generous sponsors. 

We want more Jordanians to come to Italy for their university and post-university studies. We will launch a book, in Italian so far, about a group of eminent Jordanians of different generations, who had studied and trained in Italy. They are the best testimonials of the “Italian legacy in Jordan”. 

Generally, such a journey starts with the study of some basic Italian language. We will present, therefore, the new “ItaliAmo” app, for beginners who will be able to approach the language of Monna Lisa and Leonardo in a simple and amusing way. After that, you may join the Dante Alighieri courses, at its new location near the Third Circle.  

We aim at more development cooperation with Jordan. We have just signed a new framework agreement, which is bound to give more strategic vision to activities that cannot be confined to the still necessary humanitarian help to Syrian refugees and resilience support for the hosting communities, but should also address the structural challenges of sustainable development in Jordan. We want to be a partner in the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Project. We want to contribute to the implementation of the Human Resources Development Strategy, providing budget support to the education sector. KG’s and vocational training for the cultural heritage, tourism and hospitality areas are our main objectives. 

We would like also to put on a more solid and long-term basis for our economic relations, accompanying trade exchanges with opportunities for investment. This means identifying activities in manufacturing and services areas, where there can be mutual interest in developing partnerships and joint ventures. Jordan and Italy are well endowed with creativity and style. Let us exploit them fully. Niches on the global markets are open for bold innovators.

Finally, a few words on the “restyling” of the Italian embassy in Jabal Luweibdeh. We like this traditional and vibrant part of Amman. We are proud to remain the only diplomatic location on the hill. At the same time, we have to cope with modern transformations. We have put solar panels to make the residence and the chancery fully “green”. We have started to overcome architectural barriers, trying to become “disabled-friendly” in the steep landscape of old downhill villas. 

Openness and humanity are distinctive features of the national identities of Jordan and Italy. The present times, with so many crises, frustration and uncertainties, are not ideal to uphold and develop these positive inclinations. But, frankly, do we have any alternatives? 


Giovanni Brauzzi is ambassador of Italy to Jordan. He contributed this article to The Jordan Times

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Ce era una volta i film italiani e da rifare questi incontri
E da fare i tour in giordania agli amici italiani e visitatore per aprofondire i legami tra i popoli magari far participare laureati in italia per tradurre es un comitato che offre il lavoro volenteer

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