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What is on trial?

Apr 16,2018 - Last updated at Apr 16,2018

The international propaganda machine can vilify any party, group or persons making them look criminal, regardless of the circumstances of the case. Iraqi president Saddam Hussein was attacked because the infamy machine made him look like a person who would own nuclear arms and who, unhesitatingly, would use them. Years after his execution, not a shred of evidence was found to substantiate the occupation of Iraq in 2003.

Now, Syrian President Bashar Assad and his supporters, Russia and Iran, are being put in the villain’s seat. The poison gas attack on Douma in Ghouta almost two weeks ago is now pinned against Assad. The drums of war are banging, and an attack has been waged to teach Assad a  hard lesson.

What is on trial: is it the act of the crime or the person who is most likely to have done it? Naturally, the media has, overt time, amassed evidence to vilify Presidents Saddam and Assad, but is that sufficient to make them the automatic culprits? Both were accused of using a weapon of mass destruction against their people. Halabja in Iraq, Khan Shaikhon and Douma in Syria.

The countries enjoying veto power in the Security Council use this privilege to prevent the right action from happening. Russia’s veto prevents a neutral tribunal from investigating the recent chemical weapons attack against civilians in Douma. Russia itself is accused of using such a weapon against a Russian spy and his daughter in southern England.

US President Donald Trump is currently grappling with a number of issues at home, including special counsel Robert Mueller's raid on the offices of Trump's top legal adviser Michael Cohen, and whether he should sack Mueller or not, in addition to what is labeled as his untimely visit to Latin America, whose migration and trade policies are rendering him unpopular there. Well, he postponed his Latin American visit underscoring his intent to hit Syria.

Does that sound like a thick camouflage to cover up the crimes Israeli forces are committing against Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank? In this case, the crime is obvious, the perpetrators are seen and recorded live on cameras, and the pronouncements of Israeli officials offer more than a confession to the commitment of these crimes. Why is nothing being said about that? The Great Return March by thousands of Palestinians goes unheeded by the self-acclaimed justice upholders in the international media.

We now believe that the value of Lady Justice is not about bringing the proved criminal in, but, the person who logically seems like the "one", especially if this “one” is not "our guy".

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While there is no direct beyond any reasonable doubt damning evidence linking the Syrian regime and their allies with the Duma chemical attack there is a circumstantial one.First, there was an ongoing fighting between the regime forces and the rebels continually in and around the area before and after the attack. Second, the regime is the only party that has the means of delivery for these types of a weapon such as military type helicopters flying overhead. Finally, when the fact-finding inspectors arrived in Damascus, the government told them that they can't guarantee their safety if they go into the infected area, a behaviour characterized as less than optimal.There is a huge difference between the use of a conventional weapon as opposed to the use of chemical weapons. The later has been banned by the world community since world war I an again in 1972 and in 1993.Countries that use them will have to bear the brunt of the rest of the major world powerful countries.In modern times we have not heard about the use of chemical weapons except on two occasions, the first being in Halabja Iraq and the second was in Ghouta Syria.There could have been other sporadic chemical attacks on a smaller level but they didn't arouse any subsequent backlash & outcry that these major two attacks have caused.

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