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Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Nov 14,2019
Several things happen in Amman, as it being the capital and the centre of many attractions. But two major things, among others, are happening to it at the moment.The first is population expansion at an accelerated pace.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Oct 31,2019
Over the past couple of decades in particular, our world has undergone dramatic changes.Globalisation, the information and technology revolution, postmodernism, late capitalism, multiculturalism, the so-called "new world order", etc.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Oct 19,2019
It has become crystal clear throughout centuries of tragic experiences that wars do not solve problems, unlike what some may claim.Throughout human history, wars have been costly and destructive.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Oct 05,2019
All of us would have preferred for the government and the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA) to reach an agreement regarding teachers' pay before the start of the school year so that our students would have been able to start the year on time.This was not possible, and learning fo
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Sep 19,2019
The current standoff between the Teachers' Union, demanding a prompt raise for all teachers in public schools, and the Ministry of Education, tying the raise to improvement of performance over time, has generated a lot of interest and attention from the public.Naturally, most peo
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Sep 05,2019
Overall, so much in our lives has improved: In science, communication, education, health, social services, etc.In these and other sectors, there is so much that is altruistic, that is human, and that is otherly.In some sectors, however, there is so much that is highly problematic
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Aug 22,2019
A careful observer of people engaging in discourse in our society must have, for decades, noticed that most of them speak much more than they listen.Some do not listen at all.In certain situations, speaking more than listening could be alright, even required.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Aug 08,2019
Some things are easier said than done. One of these is coming to terms with difference.What came to be known as the era of postmodernism, i.e.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jul 25,2019
A couple of days ago, the University of Jordan (UJ) received the thrilling news from one of the leading international organisations in university rankings, QS, that it has made it to the five-star category for the year 2019.This is a huge leap forward, and a development of g
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jul 11,2019
Much has been written for years about the status and quality of the Jordanian higher education “sector”, by a lot of stakeholders from within and without the sector.More recently, and in light of the decision by two Gulf countries to stop sending students to a number of Jordanian



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