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Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 17,2018
Tuesday, May 15 marked the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, the forced migration of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their homes due to the creation of the state of Israel.Every year, since the catastrophic event, much is said about the ongoing injustice and t
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - May 03,2018
There is a lot wrong with inter-Arab relations.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 19,2018
Several problems cripple work and impede progress in our society, at both the formal and informal levels. Among them are teamwork and management of difference.Overall, people in our society do better in individual work than in team work.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Apr 05,2018
It goes without saying that nearly all Arab countries and the Palestinians take it for granted that peace cannot happen in Palestine and the region without America's involvement.The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict bears testimony to this premise.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 22,2018
At a time when the Palestinian issue is going through one of its most sensitive and most challenging phases, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) and Hamas are at it again.Last Tuesday, following what was reported as an assassination attempt against Palestinian Prime Minister
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Mar 08,2018
Until less than a decade ago, we in the Arab world thought we put colonialism behind us.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Feb 22,2018
A lot of people feel that several problems in our major cities are on the increase, in some spheres radically so.There is an increase not only in traffic accidents, for example, but also on what one may call traffic "violence".The same can be said about a host of other forms
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Feb 08,2018
It goes without saying that no one, in Jordan or elsewhere, likes price or tax hikes.
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jan 25,2018
It goes without saying, that we in this part of the world have been largely disappointed with the US stand regarding peace in Palestine, from the times of Harry Truman to the present.Aside from sporadic moments during the administrations of Jimmy Carter, George Bush Sr, and Bill
By Ahmad Y. Majdoubeh - Jan 11,2018
When the evil Daesh erupted in Iraq and Syria, several countries from the region and abroad were quick to form a military coalition to fight the barbarous group.



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