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Anne O. Krueger
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 18,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — Would you believe the following story if you heard it? Imagine a small, rural town with one general store that sells to, and buys from, the farmers living in the surrounding area.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jan 22,2020
WASHINGTON, DC — Following America’s disastrous 1930 Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, the subsequent international trade war, and eventually World War II, the United States went on to lead the world toward a more open multilateral trading system.
By Anne O. Krueger - Dec 31,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — After nearly 18 months of tit-for-tat tariff increases, the United States and China have reached a “phase one” agreement to start de-escalating their trade war.
By Anne O. Krueger - Oct 28,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Webster’s Dictionary defines “emergency” as “a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence requiring immediate action”. By that standard, US President Donald Trump’s claim that the United States faces an immigration emergency is simply not credible.
By Anne O. Krueger - Sep 23,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Imagine a man who has lived too extravagantly and eventually must go to the doctor for treatment of an acute disease, along with several other chronic conditions.
By Anne O. Krueger - Aug 22,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Decision-making based on evidence rather than superstition was a driving force behind the Industrial Revolution, and the collection of statistics has, accordingly, become a hallmark of the modern age.
By Anne O. Krueger - May 25,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — Not content with its trade war against China, US President Donald Trump’s administration has also opened bilateral trade negotiations with Japan.
By Anne O. Krueger - May 01,2019
WASHINGTON DC — When you try something for 99 years and the situation keeps getting worse, it is time to try something else.
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 20,2019
MEXICO CITY — The world has witnessed many sharp economic declines over the years, but Venezuela’s is surely one of the worst to date.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jan 16,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — America’s high-quality universities are among the key sources of its greatness.



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