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Anne O. Krueger
By Anne O. Krueger - May 01,2019
WASHINGTON DC — When you try something for 99 years and the situation keeps getting worse, it is time to try something else.
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 20,2019
MEXICO CITY — The world has witnessed many sharp economic declines over the years, but Venezuela’s is surely one of the worst to date.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jan 16,2019
WASHINGTON, DC — America’s high-quality universities are among the key sources of its greatness.
By Anne O. Krueger - Nov 19,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — After World War II, the United States led the world in reducing protectionist barriers and establishing an open, rules-based trade system. That effort resulted in a half-century of the most rapid economic growth in human history.
By Anne O. Krueger - Oct 15,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — When the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) was announced, it was met by a sigh of relief around the world. A deal to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement meant that a complete disaster had been averted.
By Anne O. Krueger - Sep 19,2018
WASHINGTON, DC — Ten years after the failure of Lehman Brothers, we know that multilateral action was crucial in preventing the so-called Great Recession from becoming even worse than it was. Back then, it was the global financial system that was tottering.



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