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Ayoub Abu Dayyeh
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 14,2018
One wonders why Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Iran, Turkey and Oman have been promoting the use of coal as a cheap source of energy, although the world has been promising to reduce greenhouse gases for decades!
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jun 27,2018
Energy efficiency and energy saving ought to be considered as an essential targets in the national energy strategy of Jordan.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jan 14,2018
Currently, there is an ongoing heated debate in Jordan at the official educational level over teaching philosophy after it had been suspended decades ago due to political and ideological considerations.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Dec 30,2017
Ahed Al Tamimi has become the symbol of the Palestinian uprising, the Intifada, on social media — the latest electronic upheaval in the world.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 23,2015
News that 50,000 citrus trees will be sold at subsidised prices to those wishing to plant them in their garden is an innovative initiative.Citrus trees need a warm environment, soft damp soil, plenty of water and protection from freezing gusts.However, regulation requires 10 per
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Aug 13,2015
I have always wondered why people investing in property in Jordan are not aware of their rights in having the quality of construction conform to specifications listed in the building codes in accordance with the National Construction Law. This article is to inform owner



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