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Chris Patten
By Chris Patten - Jul 01,2017
While I was governor of Hong Kong, from 1992 until the handover of the city to China in 1997, I kept a diary.Consulting that diary over the last few months, as I write a book partly about my experience there, I have discovered several passages describing China’s “struggle” school
By Chris Patten - May 28,2017
As I strolled through Paris the other day, the air was warm, the sky was blue and I felt like I was in the best of all possible worlds.As always, Paris looked elegant and exuded confidence and cheerfulness.France had just elected a clever, young, handsome and brave new president,
By Chris Patten - Mar 29,2017
As Britain formally triggers the doleful negotiations to exclude itself from the mainstream of European politics and economics, Prime Minister Theresa May refuses to use the word “divorce” to describe what is happening.My wife, a retired family lawyer and mediator, thinks May cou
By Chris Patten - Feb 23,2017
I am old enough to remember when the best thing about populism was that it was not popular.Nativism, in any form, did not hit many political bull’s-eyes.
By Chris Patten - Jan 08,2017
When US President-elect Donald Trump takes office later this month, Americans will be more divided than they have been in years.Never before has an American presidential inauguration been met with so many hosannas from the United States’ oldest foe, Russia, and with such nervous
By Chris Patten - Dec 19,2016
Nearly 40 years ago, when I visited Moscow for the first time, my initial reaction was surprise. The hotels and restaurants were so poorly run that it seemed shocking that the military could be run competently enough to pose a genuine threat to the Soviet Union’s adversaries
By Chris Patten - Nov 13,2016
I have spent my whole political life somewhere called “the West”.
By Chris Patten - Nov 01,2016
Looking out of my window across the harbour of the remarkable city of Nagasaki, Japan, two thoughts of considerable relevance to the next American president come to mind.Nagasaki has endured the worst of humanity.In August 1945, a plutonium bomb decimated the city, causing massiv
By Chris Patten - Oct 01,2016
Here is a confession: I do not lie in bed at night missing mainstream politics.
By Chris Patten - Sep 08,2016
Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, has a monumental task ahead of her: fulfilling British — or, more accurately, English and Welsh — voters’ demand to “Brexit” the European Union, and managing the far-reaching consequences of that effort. Her challenge dwarfs those f



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