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Christopher R. Hill
By Christopher R. Hill - May 24,2018
DENVER — Just days ago, the planned summit in Singapore between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un seemed to be hanging by a thread.
By Christopher R. Hill - Mar 31,2018
DENVER — US President Donald Trump’s recent Cabinet shakeup, with former CIA director Mike Pompeo replacing Rex Tillerson as secretary of state and foreign-policy hardliner John Bolton replacing H.R.
By Christopher R. Hill - Sep 30,2017
US President Donald Trump’s first address to the United Nations General Assembly will be remembered, above all, for its bizarre language and its descriptions of North Korea as “depraved”, Iran as “murderous” and Cuba and Venezuela as “corrupt”.And, beyond calling out miscreant me
By Christopher R. Hill - Sep 04,2017
Earlier this month, North Korea went a couple of weeks without launching any missiles or testing nuclear weapons.
By Christopher R. Hill - May 31,2017
US President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia offered a rare glimpse into his emerging foreign policy agenda.It is now all but certain that the Trump administration will abstain from lecturing foreign leaders about their countries’ democratic shortcomings, and that promoting
By Christopher R. Hill - Mar 04,2017
We are only in the second month of Donald Trump’s presidency, but many Americans have already tired of the drama, and are wondering what the next 46 months have in store.Beyond producing constant anxiety, Trump’s bizarre presidency poses a more fundamental question: Having alread
By Christopher R. Hill - Jan 28,2017
The end of the fighting in Aleppo will not end the Syrian war, despite the countrywide ceasefire that has just been agreed.
By Christopher R. Hill - Dec 01,2016
One of the hallmarks of a presidential transition in the United States is a comprehensive policy review, aimed at determining which policies to retain and which to eliminate or change.As President-elect Donald Trump moves towards taking office, he seems eager to make plenty of ch
By Christopher R. Hill - May 29,2016
By all accounts, the much-anticipated Seventh Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea was a non-event.If the first such meeting of North Korea’s highest organ in more than 35 years had any impact at all, it was to dash any hopes that the country’s irascible leader, Kim Jong-un, w
By Christopher R. Hill - Apr 04,2016
When the United States’ new president gets down to work in January 2017, some obvious foreign policy issues will already be waiting — some more patiently than others.Some of these will be perennial problems in need of no introduction: North Korea and its nuclear ambitions, China



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