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Christopher R. Hill
By Christopher R. Hill - Oct 02,2014
“Men and nations,” the Israeli diplomat Abba Eban once observed, “do behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.” Will this be the case for the United States with respect to Syria — the most intractable and dangerous issue in toda
By Christopher R. Hill - Aug 27,2014
Nouri Al Maliki’s fitful departure from Iraq’s premiership recalled many other cliffhanger exits by unpopular political leaders. His leaving did not come a moment too soon for the many Iraqis who have laid all of the country’s current troubles at his doorstep.
By Christopher R. Hill - Jun 21,2014
With the apparent conquest of Iraq’s northwestern provinces — and maybe more — by the militant Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the country’s troubled history has opened a horrifying new chapter. In a matter of just days, ISIL’s fighters
By Christopher R. Hill - May 26,2014
The United States’ “pivot” to Asia, a process so delicately defined that even the name had to be changed to “rebalancing” to avoid any misunderstandings in Europe, now seems to have company, in the form of renewed Russian interest in the region. Rus
By Christopher R. Hill - Mar 29,2014
Anyone who believes that foreign policy choices come down to Manichean choices between good and evil need to look no further than the Ukraine crisis. It is truly, as former US secretary of state Warren Christopher said of the Balkans, “a problem from hell”. Worse, r



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