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Dalia Marin
By Dalia Marin - Oct 05,2023
 MUNICH — At September’s IAA auto show in Munich, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz appealed to domestic car manufacturers, urging them to welcome competition from Asia rather than trying to curb the influx of Chinese-made electric vehicles (EV).
By Dalia Marin - May 15,2023
MUNICH — The German and American automobile executives attending this year’s Shanghai motor show may have expected to take a victory lap following their three-year pandemic-related absence.
By Dalia Marin - Apr 08,2023
MUNICH — For nearly two decades, the battle for talent has shaped how firms around the world are run and governed.
By Dalia Marin - Feb 07,2023
MUNICH  —  A few months ago, Germany was bracing for a harsh winter. After Russia cut off Europe’s natural-gas supply and prices more than doubled, German officials warned of power outages and rolling blackouts.
By Dalia Marin - Nov 26,2022
MUNICH  —  The recent elections in Sweden and Italy have shown that right-wing populism remains on the rise across Europe.
By Dalia Marin - Oct 09,2022
MUNICH — On February 27, three days after Russia invaded Ukraine, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stood before a special session of the Bundestag and declared the invasion a “turning point” (Zeitenwende) in German history.
By Dalia Marin - Jun 16,2022
MUNICH — Will Germany’s economic model survive Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war on Ukraine?
By Dalia Marin - Apr 16,2022
MUNICH — Since Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine, the German government has been under mounting pressure to join a proposed European embargo on Russian energy.
By Dalia Marin - Jan 08,2022
MUNICH — In November, the US industrial powerhouse General Electric (GE) announced that it would split into three companies. The Japanese conglomerate Toshiba and health-care giant Johnson & Johnson have since announced similar plans.
By Dalia Marin - Nov 07,2021
MUNICH — Inflation seems to be on everyone’s mind nowadays. The debate usually centres on whether America’s massive monetary and fiscal stimulus will de-anchor inflation expectations and cause prices to spin out of control.



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