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Dalia Marin
By Dalia Marin - Oct 02,2021
MUNIUCH — Olaf Scholz and the Social Democrats came out on top in Germany’s federal election with 25.7 per cent of the vote, narrowly edging out outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its Bavarian sister party, the Christian Social Union (CSU), w
By Dalia Marin - Jul 28,2021
MUNICH — Automobile and electronics manufacturers worldwide have recently had to reduce output because a severe drought in Taiwan has hit the island’s production of semiconductors.
By Dalia Marin - Jun 21,2021
MUNICH — Globalisation encourages innovation, or so the conventional wisdom goes. But emerging evidence suggests that this assumption, like so many economic shibboleths, must be rethought.The conventional wisdom is based on a 1991 study by Gene M.
By Dalia Marin - Oct 04,2020
MUNICH — This week, Germany celebrates the 30th anniversary of its reunification.
By Dalia Marin - Apr 05,2020
MUNICH — As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, the risks inherent in global supply chains are more apparent than ever.
By Dalia Marin - Feb 16,2020
MUNICH — The mood in Germany is bleak, and not just because of the country’s current economic slowdown.
By Dalia Marin - Nov 16,2019
MUNICH — At just below 8 per cent of GDP, Germany’s current-account surplus is the highest of any country in the world.
By Dalia Marin - Sep 03,2019
MUNICH — This November, Germany will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
By Dalia Marin - May 22,2017
The digital economy is carving out new divides between capital and labour, by allowing one firm, or a small number of firms, to capture an increasingly large market share.With “superstar” companies operating globally and dominating markets in multiple countries simultaneously, ma
By Dalia Marin - Nov 29,2014
Artificial intelligence, once confined to the realm of science fiction, is changing our lives. Cars are driving themselves. Drones are being programmed to deliver packages.



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