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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Oct 07,2019
The country’s longest ever strike has come to an end after the government met the demands of the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA). Reaching a pay deal with the JTA was of great importance for two reasons. First, it ended a one-month long strike.
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 23,2019
Israeli elections came amid swirling questions about whether Benjamin Netanyahu would lose the elections and, if yes, how this would impact the peace process. We don’t, yet, know who will form the next government and who will sit in it.
By Hassan A. Barari - Sep 16,2019
Thus far, talks between the government and the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA) have failed to iron out differences or even reach a kind of settlement.
By Hassan A. Barari - Aug 20,2019
“American hegemony died,” argued Freed Zakaria in his latest article in Foreign Affairs. While there are some structural forces that work against a hegemon, the United States has mismanaged its hegemony.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 29,2019
Oman, an Arab country that helped facilitate talks between Iran and the United States, has just stepped in to mediate between Iran and both the United Kingdom and the United States. Amid a spike in tension over the Strait of Hormuz, Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf Bin Alawi pai
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 23,2019
In an unprecedented move, six journalists from various Arab countries will flock to Israel for several meetings with top Israeli officials.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 15,2019
I was invited to attend, last Sunday, a meeting with Prime Minister Omar Razzaz to discuss various issues of national interest.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 08,2019
Kuwait and Qatar have made a decision to revoke the accreditation of some 15 Jordanian universities. This decision triggered a public debate in Jordan as to why Jordanian universities lose their once good reputation.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 02,2019
US President Donald Trump’s contempt for democratic rights recently became a subject of debate.
By Hassan A. Barari - May 27,2019
While the US team, led by Jared Kushner and regional envoy Jason Greenblatt, are keeping their cards close to their chests, and keeping observers guessing about the content of the “deal of the century”, we know that it will chip away at the prospects for an independent Palestinia



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