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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Aug 13,2018
The terrorist attack in the city of Salt, northwest of Amman, should surprise no one.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 23,2018
Hashtags about a fresh corruption case in Jordan have become much of a trend on social media over the last few days. For many, this new cigarette-related corruption case is a tough test for the new government.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jul 10,2018
The new government of Omar Razzaz has already started reaching out to members of the Parliament in a bid to secure their confidence.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 25,2018
Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just won a new five-year term after securing outright victory in Turkey’s presidential elections.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jun 05,2018
Protesting against International Monetary Fund-backed austerity measures and the new proposed income tax, Jordanians took to the street in cities across Jordan. Negotiations between the government and the unions have reached a dead-end.
By Hassan A. Barari - May 21,2018
Leaders of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) member states attended on Friday an extraordinary summit in Istanbul to show solidarity with the Palestinians and to condemn the provocative relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem.
By Hassan A. Barari - May 08,2018
The conference on “post-Islamism” organised by Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Centre for Strategic Studies last week did enrich our understanding on the changing dynamics of political Islam in general.
By Hassan A. Barari - Apr 23,2018
It is not clear how killing a Palestinian child by an Israeli sniper would help Israel in its desperate attempt to put an end to the Palestinian non-violent demonstrations near boarder fence! Evidently, the ongoing siege on Gaza is not about protecting Israel’s border.
By Hassan A. Barari - Apr 09,2018
The state-run Syrian news agency said that the Syrian air defences shot down eight missiles fired by the United States at an airbase near Hums. Other missiles have reached their target though.
By Hassan A. Barari - Mar 26,2018
John Bolton’s arrival in April as the new national security adviser sets off alarm bells among observers. His hawkish views could help set the stage for yet another bloody war for the United States in the Middle East.



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