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Hassan A. Barari
By Hassan A. Barari - Feb 25,2019
On the whole, self-proclaimed liberals in Jordan support peace with Israel with gusto. Some of them try to push Jordan to be susceptible to Israel’s agenda with regard to the settlement of refugees in Jordan.
By Hassan A. Barari - Feb 11,2019
Thus far, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz’s government has not measured up to the people’s expectations. Polls show how the level of optimism in this government has fallen by 30 points in the first 100 days since Razzaz formed his government.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 28,2019
Unsurprisingly, the only way to fix politics in Arab countries is through genuine democratic transition.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 21,2019
Benny Morris, the famous Israeli new historian, said in an interview with Ofer Aderet of Haaretz that “this place will decline like a Middle Eastern state with an Arab majority...
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 14,2019
In their attempts to check Iran, some Arab regimes have adopted a win-at-all-cost approach, an approach that could destabilise the region as a whole. Undoubtedly, Iran’s foreign policy towards the region has helped subvert its stability.
By Hassan A. Barari - Jan 07,2019
The economic crunch that squeezes Jordan will be particularly acute this year. Parliament has just endorsed one of the worst budgets in recent years.
By Hassan A. Barari - Dec 24,2018
Long-time observers of Jordan argue that Amman’s regional international alliances have helped the country keep its head above water.
By Hassan A. Barari - Dec 17,2018
I had a constructive discussion with a friend of mine over political issues in Jordan. The question of how to fix politics in Jordan was the main theme for an evening-long discussion. We agreed that Jordanians are not happy.
By Hassan A. Barari - Dec 03,2018
Challenges facing Prime Minister Omar Razzaz abound. Obviously, he is an ambitious man bent on reforming the economy. His idea that the society should move to a productive one is the key for proper and lasting reform. In fact, he is not the one who came up with this idea.
By Hassan A. Barari - Nov 26,2018
Amid the talks about the “deal of the century”, Faisal Al Fayez, president of the Jordanian Senate, said that Jordan would accept what the Palestinians accept.



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