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James J. Zogby
By James J. Zogby - May 21,2024
Palestinian Fayez Sayegh once wrote that when pro-Israel groups appeared to be at their strongest, they were masking their weakness.
By James J. Zogby - May 14,2024
The US reaction to Iran’s retaliatory drone and missile launches against Israel was predictable and unhelpful. More sanctions against Iran and more weapons to Israel, while calling for de-escalation, was at best contradictory.
By James J. Zogby - May 06,2024
University student protests against US support for Israel’s war in Gaza have spread like wildfire. At last count, over 200 campuses have seen sustained demonstrations.
By James J. Zogby - Apr 30,2024
One Sunday afternoon, my father-in-law was on the Long Island Expressway driving the family to an event. With surprisingly little traffic on what would ordinarily be a congested highway, they were cruising along at a good speed.
By James J. Zogby - Apr 23,2024
It took over a half century to strengthen the Arab American identity and build organisations to meet community needs.
By James J. Zogby - Apr 16,2024
Two seemingly unrelated recent events have caused me to reflect on the long journey to Arab American empowerment: the death of former Senator Joseph Lieberman on March 27 and the 28th anniversary of former Secretary of Commerce Ronald Brown’s tragic death on April 3.When Arab Ame
By James J. Zogby - Apr 09,2024
Land has always been central to the Palestinian national identity.
By James J. Zogby - Apr 02,2024
Guys in white shirts and ties in Washington and their counterparts in Israel are sitting around tables making plans for after Israel ends its genocidal assault on Gaza (if they ever end it).
By James J. Zogby - Mar 25,2024
 The wars in Ukraine and Gaza are having a more dramatic impact on global alignments and US politics than the wars in Vietnam and Iraq had in their respective eras, even without any American troops directly engaged in either conflict.The war in Vietnam was fought at the peak
By James J. Zogby - Mar 19,2024
President Joseph Biden faced a heady task as he delivered this year’s State of the Union address to Congress.



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