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James J. Zogby
By James J. Zogby - Mar 10,2020
Israel just completed its third national election in less than a year. The first two votes in April and September 2019 ended in an impasse with no party able to form a governing coalition of 61 Knesset Members (i.e. a majority of the 120-member body).
By James J. Zogby - Mar 02,2020
“Mike will bring us together" is one of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s campaign slogans, invoking his claim that, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he brought New Yorkers together.
By James J. Zogby - Feb 24,2020
Earlier this week, a comment by Senator Bernie Sanders about Israeli policy and Palestinian rights and the resulting condemnation of his remarks by a pro-Israel group of Jewish Republicans opened a window into this issue’s state of play in both American and Israeli politics.Appea
By James J. Zogby - Feb 17,2020
Across the Middle East and North Africa, 2019 provided an eventful end to a tumultuous decade.
By James J. Zogby - Feb 10,2020
In January, the Israeli daily newspaper, Haaretz, ran an article, “Secret Israeli Document Reveals Plan to Keep Arabs Off Their Lands.” I found the piece unsettling for several reasons.Given the headline, at first I thought the story was going to be about Israel’s policies i
By James J. Zogby - Feb 03,2020
Much has already been written about the Trump administration’s release of its long-awaited plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. I will not repeat the criticisms.
By James J. Zogby - Jan 27,2020
While popular protests in Iraq and Lebanon have been clearly directed at corruption and worsening economic conditions, there is another factor that should not be ignored, widespread frustration with the role played by Iran and its allied militias in both countries.
By James J. Zogby - Jan 20,2020
Thirty-two years ago this month, I was arrested sitting-in and blocking the entrance of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. The embassy was hosting an event that evening in honour of Martin Luther King Jr.
By James J. Zogby - Jan 13,2020
Despite its claims of making America more respected and feared in the world, the Trump Administration’s behaviours have only contributed to accelerating the decline in America’s leadership.
By James J. Zogby - Jan 06,2020
The US drone attack that assassinated Qassem Soleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards elite Quds Force, represents an unsettling major escalation in US involvement in the region.Given Soleimani's record, there should be no tears shed over his demise.



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