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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Aug 05,2020
Remember the "Arab Spring" intifadas of 2011? The world is now witnessing via satellite television the "American Summer” uprisings of 2020.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 22,2020
The Trump administration's "maximum pressure" campaign against Iran and Syria involving economic sanctions has prompted Tehran and Damascus to cultivate ties with US-sanctioned and alienated China.Tehran and Beijing have accelerated talks on a 25-year partnership begun in 2016, f
By Michael Jansen - Jul 15,2020
The American University of Beirut (AUB), the region's oldest and most influential foreign institution of higher learning, is facing the most serious challenge in its 154-year history due to Lebanon's fragile economic, social and political collapse.Since the AUB crisis is mainly f
By Michael Jansen - Jul 08,2020
To annex or not annex? This is the question bugging Israeli, Palestinian and international political figures since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed his July 1 deadline for beginning the process of formally annexing portions of the occupied West Bank.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 01,2020
Seventy-five years ago, 50 countries signed the UN Charter at a conference in San Francisco in ceremonies attended by 3,500 delegates and 2,500 media representatives and observers from non-governmental organisations.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 24,2020
Like the hot-tempered Queen of Hearts in Lewis Carroll’s fantasy “Alice in Wonderland” who cried, “Off with their head,” whenever she was crossed, Donald Trump sacks the heads of competent officials who displease him.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 17,2020
Lebanon is the victim of its deeply entrenched political elite, which has refused to adopt and execute meaningful reforms since tens of thousands of Lebanese poured into the streets last October to demand an end to mismanagement, corruption and the country's sectarian system of g
By Michael Jansen - Jun 10,2020
Last week's UN-Saudi pledging conference for Yemen was pitiful to watch on UN television. Although the goal set for the exercise was $2.41 billion, the amount pledged was only $1.35 billion, more than $1 billion short.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 03,2020
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be very worried over the US-wide protests by African-Americans and their supporters against the murder by smothering of a black man by a white police officer on May 25.Having announced he would begin the process to annex portions of
By Michael Jansen - May 27,2020
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sought in vain to escape his mandatory appearance in court Sunday in his trial for fraud, bribery and breach of trust.



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