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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Sep 28,2022
The Western powers' preoccupation with the war in Ukraine has sidelined existing conflicts, economic meltdowns, illegal occupations and humanitarian crises elsewhere in the world and taken the focus off climate change, which threatens and impacts the West as well as the rest.The
By Michael Jansen - Sep 21,2022
This week’s Lebanese bank strike can only deepen the country's multiple crises, causing the currency to hit an all time low in value against the US dollar as the state-owned electricity company shut down its plants and fuel subsidies were cancelled.Meanwhile, caretaker Prime Mini
By Michael Jansen - Sep 14,2022
As the Board of Governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) opened its meeting in Vienna on Monday, Iran announced its intention of restoring ties with the agency ruptured over Iran’s failure to account for uranium particles found at an old, undeclared site.
By Michael Jansen - Sep 07,2022
The Palestinian Authority has once again called for the admission of Palestine to full United Nations membership and has been warned off by the US which says it would veto a Security Council resolution proposing this upgrade. On November 29, 2012, the General Assembly voted
By Michael Jansen - Aug 31,2022
If he survives until today, Khalil Awawda will have been on hunger strike for 172 days in protest against Israeli administrative detention without charge.
By Michael Jansen - Aug 24,2022
Last week’s Israeli army raids and closures of seven Palestinian civil society organisations based in the occupied West Bank cities of Ramallah and Al Bireh are the latest manifestation of a decades old Israeli campaign to remove influential Palestinian leaders, undermine Palesti
By Michael Jansen - Aug 17,2022
While the Biden administration has recently had major successes on the US domestic scene and his approval rating has risen to 40 per cent, his administration has performed disastrously in foreign affairs, most notably in three cases.Joe Biden pledged during his presidential campa
By Michael Jansen - Aug 10,2022
Israel's weekend blitz on Gaza was a carefully choregraphed scenario intended to boost  the military credentials of Prime Minister Yair Lapid and allow Defence Minister Benny Gantz to demonstrate his tactical mastery ahead of November's parliamentary election.
By Michael Jansen - Aug 03,2022
The collapse on Sunday afternoon of four of the sixteen northern towers of Beirut port's ruined grain silos has revived Lebanese fears and trauma over the explosion two years ago today that devastated the area and deepened frustration over the failure of successive governments to
By Michael Jansen - Jul 27,2022
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov's tour of four African countries was meant to shore up backing for Moscow in its war in Ukraine and reassure leaders that Russia will not renege on its contracts to supply grain to feed people and livestock.



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