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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Oct 28,2020
Would Democrat Joe Biden be a better US president for this region than Donald Trump? A British public opinion survey conducted across the Arab world reveals that 39 per cent favoured Biden, while only 12 per cent backed Trump.
By Michael Jansen - Oct 21,2020
Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed credit for liberating vast stretches of Syria and Iraq from Daesh, and during the heated US election campaign has tried to pose as the sole "liberator". This is, of course, another of Trump's fictions.
By Michael Jansen - Oct 14,2020
The award of the 101st Nobel Peace Prize to the World Food Programme (WFP) is the best news of 2020, the globe's annus horribilis. The WFP was cited for its efforts to combat world hunger and "to prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war and conflict".
By Michael Jansen - Sep 30,2020
Good news or bad, he dominates the headlines and front pages of newspapers, he leads tele-vision coverage, and populates the shelves of book shops.  He doesn't seem to  mind what is said about him as long as he is in our faces and on our minds. His latest intrusion
By Michael Jansen - Sep 23,2020
The UN is marking its 75th birthday with a virtual opening of the 75th session of the General Assembly.
By Michael Jansen - Sep 16,2020
Cyprus has become the victim of fresh external push-and-pull efforts with the aim of dragging the island republic, a European Union (EU) member, into one or other of the rival East Mediterranean orbits of Russia and the US.Cyprus received Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on
By Michael Jansen - Sep 09,2020
Sanctions are a blunt weapon used by the mighty against the weak to compel them to capitulate to political demands, but almost always put pressure on populations rather than rulers who concede nothing.
By Michael Jansen - Sep 02,2020
The British graffiti artist Banksy has embarked on a new venture. He has financed a boat to rescue migrants setting off in crowded craft from North Africa to reach Europe. According to the mission's website, the vessel is a fast-moving "former French customs boat.
By Michael Jansen - Aug 26,2020
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyanu is, once again, battling for his political life and personal freedom. Thousands of protesters calling for him to resign have continued to mount protests outside his official residence in Jerusalem.
By Michael Jansen - Aug 12,2020
The August 4th blast in Beirut destroyed the city's lifeline to the world, the port, devastated three nearby neighbourhoods and shocked crisis-ridden Lebanese.



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