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Michael Jansen
By Michael Jansen - Jul 19,2023
Iran’s morality police have resumed foot and vehicle patrols with the aim of enforcing the clerical government’s mandatory headscarf/hijab codes.
By Michael Jansen - Jul 12,2023
US President Joe Biden's plan to send cluster munitions to Ukraine for use against Russian forces in the ongoing war is controversial because it is bad, immoral and could involve commission of a war crime if civilians suffer.  He said the decision to dispatch these weapons w
By Michael Jansen - Jul 01,2023
Faced with possible jail time in an everlasting trial on charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been accused of tailoring the Israeli political system to end his legal peril and to meet the territorial expansionist demands of his extr
By Michael Jansen - Jun 21,2023
US President Joe Biden said he won’t make it easy for Ukraine to join NATO. Ukraine has to meet the requirements to be a member. “So, I’m not going to make it easier,” Biden stated in convoluted prose.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 14,2023
War is deadly, destructive, expensive and lucrative. While the Ukraine war has cost the lives of 9,655 Ukrainian civilians and 15,500-17,500 soldiers. The World Bank has estimated the expenditure on rebuilding will be more than $400 billion over ten years.
By Michael Jansen - Jun 07,2023
Pieces of the puzzle portraying Iranian, British, French, German, Chinese and Russian negotiators meeting with the European Union mediator who deals with the US team began to form a picture last month with the aim of renewing the 2015 agreement limiting Iran's nuclear programme i
By Michael Jansen - May 31,2023
The removal by Iran's clerical rulers of Ali Shamkhani from his post as head of the Supreme National Security Council is seen by analysts in Tehran as another move by hardliners to consolidate their reign.  Shamkhani is a moderate, pragmatic figure who held this position for
By Michael Jansen - May 24,2023
While UN and relief agencies and partisan groups dispute fatalities in the wider region's recent wars, the Costs of War Project at the Watson Institute at Brown University in the US has released a report which gives a comprehensive assessment of direct and indirect deaths from wa
By Michael Jansen - May 17,2023
Palestinian Nakba Day commemorations at the UN and the lifting of Syria's suspension from the Arab League have altered the trajectory of events in this region.The May 15th first-ever Nakba Day events at UN headquarters have, at long last, acknowledged that the UN treated the Pale
By Michael Jansen - May 10,2023
US national security adviser Jake Sullivan's discussions in Riyadh with Saudi King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman coincided with the Arab League foreign ministers' decision to end the 12-year suspension of Syria from the League.



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