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By Project Syndicate - Apr 04,2024
By Mubarak Al Kuwari,Richard Ponzio, and Sultan BarakatDOHA/WASHINGTON, DC – Cyber-technologies, especially artificial intelligence, make possible powerful new tools for problem-solving. But they also raise serious governance challenges.
By Project Syndicate - Mar 02,2024
Robert Skidelsky Says More… Project Syndicate (PS): Last year, you lamented the reversion of contemporary policy discussions to “the age-old stand-off between market-based supply-side economics and a supply-side approach rooted in industrial policy”, because it leaves out a
By Project Syndicate - Jan 28,2024
By Scott Barrett, Noah Kaufmanand Joseph E. StiglitzNEW YORK — Casual observers of the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai (COP28) can be forgiven for attributing high stakes to the event.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 28,2024
Benjamin Schreiber, Richard Mihigo, and Ann LindstrandGENEVA — There was a global sigh of relief when the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared in May 2023 that COVID-19 was no longer a public-health emergency of international concern. But there is no room for complacency.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 18,2024
Raghuram G. Rajan Says More…Project Syndicate (PS): You have criticised monetary policymakers’ response to the 2008 global economic crisis, which had profound spillover effects to which they “paid insufficient heed”.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 17,2024
By Willem H. Buiter and Ebrahim RahbariNEW YORK — The European Central Bank (ECB) too often finds itself “behind the curve” of events, and we believe the blame lies with its decision-making process, rather than its institutional setup or personnel.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 13,2024
By Refik Anadol and Karel Komárek LOS ANGELES/LUCERNE — Although our age is defined by humanity’s disproportionate influence on the planet, we ourselves are undergoing profound changes.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 04,2024
By Mark Esposito, Josh Entsminger and Terence TseLONDON — What does it take to change a person’s mind?
By Project Syndicate - Dec 28,2023
By Laura Tyson and Lenny Mendonca BERKELEY — While this year’s United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai was mainly focused on the heated debate between countries about the future of fossil fuels, a delegation from the US state of California, headed by Govern
By Project Syndicate - Dec 27,2023
By Ian Bremmer, Carme Artigas, James Manyik and Marietje Schaake  NEW YORK — Although artificial intelligence (AI) has been quietly helping us for decades, with progress accelerating in recent years, 2023 will be remembered as a “big bang” moment.



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