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By Project Syndicate - Oct 03,2022
By Izabella Teixeira, Ana Toni and Laurence TubianaBRASÍLIA  —  Reactionary populism is now the biggest obstacle to tackling climate change.
By Project Syndicate - Oct 01,2022
By Gernot Wagner and Tom BrookesNEW YORK  —  Economists are supposed to be good at understanding risk. Decision-making in the face of uncertainty, after all, is the discipline’s bread and butter.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 17,2022
By Andrei Kolesnikov and Denis VolkovMOSCOW  —  The West and the Kremlin have one thing in common: both like to point out that Russian President Vladimir Putin has an 80 per cent approval rating, and opinion polls have consistently shown that a majority of Russians supp
By Project Syndicate - Sep 13,2022
By Joseph E.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 12,2022
By Joyce Banda, Danilo Türk and Jorge QuirogaEDINBURGH  —  Global Education is in crisis. Today, nearly 300 million children do not go to school, and 800 million young people will leave school without any qualifications.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 07,2022
By Yasmine Sherif and Gordon BrownEDINBURGH  —  Following this year’s catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, millions of young Pakistanis’ life opportunities are hanging by a thread.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 06,2022
By Sofia Monsalve and Georgina Catacora-VargasHEIDELBERG/LA PAZ  —  In October 2021, two tractors with a large chain stretched between them cleared more than 2,000 hectares of forest in the Brazilian Cerrado, one of the world’s most biodiverse areas.
By Project Syndicate - Sep 03,2022
By Lars P.
By Project Syndicate - Aug 31,2022
By Christiana Figueres and May BoeveSAN JOSÉ/BERKELEY — We have grown accustomed to grim climate news.
By Project Syndicate - Aug 31,2022
By Ilan Goldfajn and Eduardo Levy YeyatiWASHINGTON, DC — Latin America faces three major macroeconomic problems: subpar growth, fiscal deficits, and rising poverty-driven inequality.



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