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By Project Syndicate - Jan 24,2023
By Naveen Rao and Eloise ToddSAN DIEGO — A day before the latest United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) began, a group of global experts convened by The Lancet published a report about the adverse health effects of climate change.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 23,2023
By Gordon Brown and Yasmine SherifEDINBURGH — In the weeks since the Taliban’s December 2022 decree banning young women from attending university, Afghans have shown that they will not take this latest outrage lying down.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 16,2023
By Aziz Huq and Tom GinsburgCHICAGO — Midterm elections in the United States were surprising in more ways than one.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 15,2023
By Thiago de Aragão and Otaviano CanutoSÃO PAULO — The January 8 insurrection in Brazil’s capital was driven by a mix of factors. Participants’ delirium, passion, obstinacy and resentment, as well as their lack of education and political literacy, all played a part.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 14,2023
By Dani Rodrik, Reza Baqir, and Ishac Diwan CAMBRIDGE — This year may prove devastating for the developing world, as more and more countries find themselves engulfed in debt crises.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 10,2023
By Chris Bradley and Marc Canal NoguerSYDNEY — Until the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity was making great strides in extending lives and increasing economic prosperity. It is critical that we return to that trajectory as the global economy recovers.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 08,2023
By Michelle J. Gelfand and Virginia ChoiPALO ALTO — From climate-change alarms and “tripledemic” concerns to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday Clock, we are awash in dire warnings.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 03,2023
By Laura Tyson and Lenny MendoncaBERKELEY  —  A new breed of industrial policy is taking hold in the United States.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 02,2023
By Valérie Courtois and KM ReyesLABRADOR/PALAWAN  —  In the southwest corner of the Philippines, the forest of the Batak people is a biodiversity hotspot.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 17,2022
By Aziz Huq and Tom Ginsburg CHICAGO — Last month’s midterm elections in the United States were surprising in more ways than one.



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