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By Project Syndicate - Feb 03,2021
By Faith Stevelman and Sarah C. Haan NEW YORK  —  Last week, a social-media-fuelled populist rebellion gripped capital markets. Retail investors purchased huge amounts of stock in struggling companies like GameStop, AMC and BlackBerry (among others).
By Project Syndicate - Feb 01,2021
By Mark Lowcock and Axel van Trotsenburg NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, DC  —  The toxic cocktail of climate change, conflict, and COVID-19 is making itself felt most intensely in the world’s poorest and most vulnerable countries.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 31,2021
By Patricia Geli and Otto CarsWASHINGTON, DC/UPPSALA  —  When the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched last year’s World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, it expanded the campaign’s focus from antibiotics to all antimicrobials, including antiviral, antifungal and antipr
By Project Syndicate - Jan 27,2021
By Josep Borrell and Werner HoyerBRUSSELS  —  The world is eagerly watching the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines and looking forward to a return to normalcy after a year of lockdowns.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 26,2021
By Javier Solana and Eugenio BregolatMADRID  —  When the time comes to evaluate US President Joe Biden’s international legacy, one variable will be enormously significant: the relationship that his administration forges with China.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 25,2021
By Manish Bapna and Muhammad MusaWASHINGTON, DC  —  The year 2020 changed everything. The world now faces interconnected health, economic, and climate crises that have no historical parallel.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 24,2021
By Federico Finchelstein and Jason StanleyNEW YORK  —  Many commentators seeking to understand Donald Trump and Trumpism have found clarity in historically resonant concepts such as fascism.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 24,2021
By Arvind Subramanian and Josh FelmanNEW DELHI  —  When the billionaire investor Ray Dalio recently predicted that the Chinese renminbi will become a global reserve currency, the world took notice.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 18,2021
By Sanjeev Krishna and Yolanda AugustinLONDON — The British have often taken great pride in dubious achievements, from the “victorious” retreat from Dunkirk during World War II to the bare-minimum Brexit agreement recently reached with the European Union.
By Project Syndicate - Jan 18,2021
By Christine Loh, Pamela Mar, Peter Seligmann and Lin XuHONG KONG — Optimism is in the air in Asia, where the new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership has brightened prospects for a post-pandemic recovery and a revival of multilateralism.



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