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By Project Syndicate - Feb 22,2017
Donald Trump was officially inaugurated as US president, but questions about Russia’s interference in the election will not go away.Yet one key question is often lost in the fray: Why did Russian President Vladimir Putin do it?Of course, it is not difficult to guess why Putin pre
By Project Syndicate - Feb 21,2017
By Justin Yifu Lin and Andrea Goldstein In the mid-2000s, after decades in the slow lane, African economies hit the accelerator.
By Project Syndicate - Feb 02,2017
By Michael Spence and Qian WanAt a time when the United States is poised to turn inwards, China’s economic performance is more important globally than ever.Whether China can achieve sustainable growth patterns in the coming years will depend upon a number of key factors.One of th
By Project Syndicate - Jan 30,2017
By Anthony Lake and Isabella LövinThe year 2016 will probably be remembered for military and political events, but it should also go down in history as one of the worst years for children since World War II.Images of dead, injured and distraught young children filled the media on
By Project Syndicate - Dec 17,2016
The big question in Asian countries right now is what lesson to take from Donald Trump’s victory in the United States’ presidential election, and from the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum, in which British voters opted to leave the European Union.Unfortunately, the focus is not
By Project Syndicate - Dec 12,2016
Many of us remember the 1970s for its music and fashion, but we should also take a lesson from its mistaken beliefs.Without easy access to data or analyses of social trends, some ideas about the workings of nature and society were completely backward.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 08,2016
Over the last decade or so, productivity growth has slowed considerably in most major developed economies, even as impressive advances have been made in areas like computing, mobile telephony and robotics.All of these advances ostensibly should have boosted productivity; and yet,
By Project Syndicate - Dec 07,2016
For 15 years, China has been a key engine of global growth.
By Project Syndicate - Dec 04,2016
By Chee Yoke Ling and Edward HammondFour hundred years ago, John Rolfe used tobacco seeds pilfered from the West Indies to develop Virginia’s first profitable export, undermining the tobacco trade of Spain’s Caribbean colonies.More than 200 years later, another Briton, Henry Wick
By Project Syndicate - Nov 20,2016
We live in turbulent times, and popular discontent with the status quo is mounting. The reasons for popular frustration vary from country to country, but the common thread everywhere is a growing sense that the economy is rigged in favour of the few.Indeed, the gains from ec



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