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By Project Syndicate - Jul 21,2015
Today’s decision makers are supposed to embrace the virtues of big data, relentlessly pursue quantitative metrics, and then adhere to the optimal course of action that these powerful tools supposedly indicate.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 21,2015
Unmanned aerial vehicles have populated both the imagination and nightmares of people around the world in recent years.In April, the United States’ navy announced an experimental programme called LOCUST (Low-Cost UAV Swarming Technology), which officials promise will “autonomousl
By Project Syndicate - Jul 20,2015
Bold predictions based on intuition are rarely a good idea.Margaret Thatcher, as education secretary in 1973, famously asserted that the United Kingdom would not have a woman prime minister in her lifetime.IBM’s president, Thomas J.
By Project Syndicate - Jul 16,2015
Since 2008, when the global financial crisis nearly brought down the world economy, financial reform has been among the top items on policy makers’ agendas.But as leaders move from fixing the problems of the past to positioning the financial system for the future, they must also
By Project Syndicate - Jul 04,2015
Governments often see climate change as too costly to address.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 29,2015
In his drive to kick start the Japanese economy, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, shortly after taking office in 2012, introduced a large fiscal stimulus and put in place a bold programme of monetary easing.Since then, Japanese policy makers have been working to launch what Abe calls t
By Project Syndicate - Jun 29,2015
 After a late flurry of additions to the founding membership of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), attention now turns to setting the China-led AIIB’s rules and regulations.But important questions remain — most important, whether the AIIB is a potential rival o
By Project Syndicate - Jun 18,2015
Greece needs an agreement now with its creditors (the so-called troika comprising the International Monetary Fund, the European Commission and the European Central Bank).
By Project Syndicate - Jun 16,2015
Governments sometimes need to restructure their debts.
By Project Syndicate - Jun 16,2015
 Once again, California’s Silicon Valley is confirming its status as a mecca of high-tech entrepreneurship and wealth creation.But it is not a model for job creation and inclusive growth that policy makers and entrepreneurs elsewhere can emulate — at least not without making



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