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Walid M. Sadi
By Walid M. Sadi - Feb 14,2015
President Barack Obama defended his policy of not negotiating with the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the aftermath of the killing of Kayla Mueller, an aid worker who had been held captive by this terrorist group, arguing the traditional point that negotiating with hostage
By Walid M. Sadi - Feb 07,2015
The burning to death of Jordanian pilot Muath Kasasbeh by the so-called Islamic State (IS) is poised to become the turning point in the war against the extreme radical movement now well entrenched in Syria and Iraq. The death of the pilot shocked the world and made the inte
By Walid M. Sadi - Jan 31,2015
Several European countries, in addition to Canada and Israel, are mulling revoking the citizenship of their nationals found guilty of aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation of the like of the so-called Islamic State or Al Qaeda. Revoking the citizenship of a national
By Walid M. Sadi - Jan 24,2015
The Charlie Hebdo sequel continues to reverberate in and outside the Arab and Muslim worlds, and to raise more questions that need answers. One of the lingering questions is whether there should be limitations on the right to freedom of expression, with the world almost evenly d
By Walid M. Sadi - Jan 17,2015
Assuming there is a consensus on the definition of radical Islam, which is not the case, the question is why this seemingly extreme manifestation at a time when there is broad agreement that Islam is a religion of moderation, compassion and humanitarianism. More specifically, wh
By Walid M. Sadi - Jan 10,2015
There is broad consensus that 2014 was one of the most turbulent years in contemporary times, with violence raging in many parts of the world. The reasons for many of the intense and explosive events of the past year were rooted in religious, ethnic or racial conflicts. This ma
By Walid M. Sadi - Jan 03,2015
The execution of 11 convicted criminals last week took many by surprise since Jordan had frozen the application of the death penalty some eight years ago. The execution caused also an uproar among EU countries, which are at the vanguard of nations opposed to capital punishment a
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 27,2014
I am not sure whether we in Jordan have in place a proper procedure for emergency medical situations. The other day, I witnessed a disturbing case: a waiter at a café in Shmeisani accidentally cut his right hand while washing a glass and sustained a deep wound.
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 20,2014
While Islamic State followers are calling on Arab and Muslim communities making Western countries their homeland to leave these places of the “infidel”, these communities are increasingly feeling right at home in their adopted countries. The Arab and Muslim immi
By Walid M. Sadi - Dec 13,2014
The recent report of the US Senate on the CIA’s torture practices during the era of President George W.



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