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Cabinet approves pension raise for veterans

By JT - Oct 21,2019 - Last updated at Oct 21,2019

AMMAN — In implementation of Royal directives, the Council of Ministers on Monday approved raising the pensions of military retirees and retired servicemen who were referred to retirement before June 1, 2010, at a total annual cost of JD53,301,540.  

The decision stipulates raises ranging between JD28 and JD38, where those of the rank of major general and higher will receive JD30, retired brigadier generals and colonels will receive JD35 and lieutenant colonels, majors and captains will receive JD38, according to a Prime Ministry statement.

Pensioners with the rank of first lieutenant will receive a raise of JD36, lieutenants JD38, first warrant officers JD30, warrant officers JD33, and first sergeants JD34, while a JD28 raise will be disbursed for those with the rank of sergeant and lower. 

The decision also stipulated increasing the pensions of heirs of military retirees or those who died on duty before June 1, 2016 by JD20 for each file, which will be distributed equally to the heirs.

JD20 will also be disbursed to the heirs of military retirees who were referred to pension before June 1, 2010 and those who died after October 1, 2019.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz formed a committee to consider the raise of military retirees in all aspects before referring recommendations to the Cabinet for making the decision. 

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