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Friends, acquaintances ‘shocked’ over death of Salti sisters

By Laila Azzeh - Nov 07,2015 - Last updated at Nov 11,2015

Soraya (Left) and Jumana (Right) Salti

AMMAN — The “shocking” news about the deaths of Soraya and Jumana Salti dominated social media in Jordan on Saturday, with people calling for a “thorough” investigation into the incident.

Aged 45 and 37, the Saltis were successful businesswomen and from a prominent Jordanian family. 

Soraya, who used to serve as the regional director of Injaz Al Arab, was named among Arabian Business’ Top 100 Most Powerful Arab Women in 2013.

“Soraya was one of the kindest and most soft-hearted [people] I have ever worked with. A true angel, a hard worker and sincere... I wrote her the longest recommendation letter in my entire professional life. She used to help everyone. Her absence is unbearable. May she rest in peace,” Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority Deputy Chief Commissioner Yusuf Mansur wrote on his Facebook page. 

Former deputy prime minister Marwan Muasher also mourned the death of the sisters, saying they were “an example of vitality, love of life and enthusiasm”.

“I was the basketball coach of Jumana when she was eight. I pray to God to give their parents patience and fortitude,” he wrote on his Facebook page. 

The two sisters were found dead on Friday in an alleged act of suicide, a security source said Saturday.

Initial investigations indicate that the sisters jumped off the roof of an under-construction building in the Jweideh area.

“They were at a polo club located near the building that they allegedly committed suicide from,” the source told The Jordan Times.

Investigations are under way to identify the exact cause of death, according to the source.

Friends and acquaintances of the two sisters took to social media to express their shock over the incident, casting doubt over the possibility that they would commit suicide. 

“This is a criminal act. A proper investigation must be called for by women activists,” one Facebook user wrote.

Describing them as “lovers of life, upbeat and ambitious”, another Facebook user who claimed to be close to the sisters said she thinks there is a “mysterious story behind their deaths”. 

“This is certainly a crime. There is no way they committed suicide. Horrible, horrible news. May they rest in peace and may the truth be out,” wrote another person claiming to know the sisters.


Members of the Salti family were not available to comment despite several attempts by The Jordan Times to contact them. 

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Long story short, apply for autopsy! Aye!

I was not there. I'm not a witness. I didn't see what happened,
but if this is not a criminal act of murder, investigation can explain how it was an accident
or why they would have committed suicide together ( a very unusual act among young people).
Nothing about this story makes sense.

There is no way that these tragic deaths can be passed over without a thorough and open investigation.

How to get away with murder

We knew Jumana and Soraya and her family. Jumana and Soraya loved life,were productive, social, intelligent. They were very close to their parents and extended family, and there is just no way that Soraya would commit suicide and leave her darling daughter, Raya, with such a terrible legacy. Nor would Jumana. A thorough investigation must take place. For the government to say "there is nothing suspicious" is not acceptable and shows an inability to conduct a forensic, thorough investigation. I am hopeful that the FBI can lend a hand.

I was Jumana's classmate from 1990 to 1995 and with a class of less than 25 we were all very close friends in and out of the classroom. Jumana was a beautiful soul a friendly and gentle person. Jumana towered over all of us physically and personally. I remember thinking I was tall at 6'2" but Had to look up to say hi everyday day. She excelled I sports especially basketball and was also the life of the party. Hearing the news all the way in New York where I live with my family made me feel helpless when I heard the news that Jumana and Soraya's death was a suicide. I can assure anyone reading this that it it's not a suicide. Leaving it as that is a crime in and if it's self. The Jordanian government needs to continue efforts to find the monster who did this to my classmate and friend! My heart weeps for Jumana but she will always live in my many great memories of her. Rest in piece and may your family find the strength to cope with such a tragedy. I hope we get closure soon.

I don't know the women in question but have been very impressed with how they lived their lives whilst part of the living. I think if people feel so strongly her death should be investigated, her country (Jordan)owes her a detailed inquiry. One of the comments mentions her ex husband and father in law. I have not even read she was married. If she is having problems with her ex all must be investigated as women must be protected from domestic abuse.

For sure was not suicide. I pray justice is done.

I would be shocked if malice was not involved in the death of the Salti sisters. I particularly hope that justice will be swiftly and decisively served. My prayers go to the Salti family.

There is no way that anyone should even think of a suicide by these two beautiful ladies. There are so many questions from all of us here in the US that know this family personally. Such as: Who were they with before this happened? Have you checked with Soraya's ex-husband who has been giving the family trouble lately and trying to get custody of their daughter? Who's building is this? It is under construction....her ex-father-in-law builds it one of his? How did they have access to an under construction building? Where was the security for that building? Who has keys to get in? Why were both sisters together in Amman? Where is the little girl? There is no way that Soraya would leave that precious little girl alone. Where did you find "the letter" that was supposedly left behind and supposedly written by one of the daughters? What did it say? How do you know that it was written by one of the sisters? For all of us that love the Salti family so much, we deserve to know the real truth. They do not deserve to be the victims of a coverup investigation. Tell us the truth of this double murder.

Absolutely not suicide. Too many holes in the story and many people that knew BOTH attest they were not suicidal. Easy to announce suicide without a thorough investigation. Hopefully they will find the killers.

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