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Turning everyday objects into music: band brings Abdali Boulevard to life

By Camille Dupire - Oct 17,2017 - Last updated at Oct 17,2017

The Jordanian band Drum Jam performs at Abdali Boulevard on Tuesday (Photo by Camille Dupire)

AMMAN — “Anything that makes sound can be used in our shows: barrels, buckets, metal, etc,” said Bashar Khries, the co-founder of Jordanian band Drum Jam that performed on Tuesday night at Abdali Boulevard.

The venue resonated with the harmonic pounding of the eight-member drumming band in a live performance held as part of the French Week 2017.

“Music is language: it helps you to express yourself and to convey your messages to the world,” Khries told The Jordan Times at the Boulevard, noting that it all started with him and his brother Shadi playing on buckets in the street.

Since its creation seven years ago, the band has become home to 10 permanent members, and performs shows that involve up to 20 drummers.

“Anyone can play whatever their age, background or nationality is,” Khries said, adding that the band has developed a wide variety of beats including the Eastern, African and Circassian beats.

Drum jamming includes harmony, euphoria, percussion and rhythm reflecting the chaos of every day’s life, according to the Drum Jam website.

“With drumming, people gain a positive energy, there is a new energy of life in every show, as the public is always welcome to interact with our drumming circle,” the co-founder added.

Drum Jam also aims to raise awareness about the musical potential of everyday objects, and uses recycled material to make instruments.

The band has gained widespread recognition performing solo or as an accompanying formation for other musicians and provides a number of classes and workshops at schools and cultural institutes around the Kingdom.


The members also recently represented Jordan at the world’s percussions festival in India. 

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