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Jordanian runners take advanced spots at Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon

By Roufan Nahhas - Dec 10,2016 - Last updated at Dec 10,2016

AMMAN — The 12th edition of the Ayla Red Sea Half Marathon concluded on Friday with Jordanian runners taking advanced spots in an event which witnessed the participation of more than 2,000 runners from all over the world.

Nasser Shraideh, the chief commissioner of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, gave the starting signal at the Ayla Oasis project for the 21km, 10km Fun Run and 4.2km Children’s Race.

Lina Al Kurd, the general manager of Run Jordan, told The Jordan Times it was a success.

“This year the event is under the slogan “Run for a Cause” to highlight an important aspect of all Run Jordan events, with 20 per cent of the ticket sales go to charity. We thank everyone who worked on making this event a success especially the families who came and enjoyed such a great event,” she said.

“Also, this year Run Jordan established cooperation agreements with several societies that cater for the physically handicapped in various parts of the Kingdom including: Al Yasmeen Society for the Down syndrome, the Disabled Child Care Society in Irbid in addition to Ajyal Society for the physically handicapped based in Aqaba,” she added.

According to Kurd, two new trophies have been added to the children’s race categories for the first place winner in the wheelchair category and the Down’s syndrome category.



Male Overall 21Km

   •   Ahmad Samour 1h 06m 43s 

   •   Ayman AlSardy 1h10m20s

   •   Abdulla Alsoud 1h10m23s


Female Overall 21Km  

   •   Hanoia Hasaballah 1h24m46s 

   •   Heidi Schelander 1h28m06s

   •   Razan Muqbil 1h37m28s 


Male wheelchair 21Km

   •   Ali Sawalmeh 1h20m18s

   •   Ra’ed Qasaymeh 2h12m14s

   •   Fahed Abu Reziq 2h23h55s


Male Visually Impaired 21km

   •   Abdelraouf Al Khateeb 1h21m31s

   •   Suheil Alnashash 1h27m43s

   •   Emad Elayan 2h09m55s


Male Overall 10Km

   •   Awad Sharafat 31m08s

   •   Hamzeh Al Oshoush 31m18s

   •   Mohammad Al Shamalat 31m23s


Female Overall 10 Km

   •   Sabria Almaradat 40m43s

   •   Haddel Aldughaimat 40m44s

   •   Naheda Al bwat 42m21s


Male wheelchair 10km

   •   Bilal Abu Mansi 36m26s

   •   Alaa Al Dein Alqoz’a 43m20s

   •   Abdulla Mansour 1h03m13s


Female wheelchair 10km

   •   Shadiah Omar 1h02m12s


Visually impaired Male 10km

   •   Nabeel Maqableh 35m01s

   •   Hasan Tayem 50m04s

   •   Mohammad Alnakeeb 1h14m50s


Children race:

   •   Ehab Al Shamalat 14m10s

   •   Mubarak Daaja 14m56s

   •   Mohammad Qtaish 15m20s


Children Female 

   •   Naseeba al Osheibat 16m01s

   •   Hiba Omar 16m10s

   •   Hanan Al Oshosh 16m23s


Children Race Male wheelchair category: 

   •   Ibrahim Alkhudari 23m18s 


Children Race Female wheelchair category: 

   •   Malak Diab 45m17s


Children Race Male Down’s syndrome category:

   •   Mohammad Qasrawi 53m52s


Children Race Female Down’s syndrome category:

   •    Yasmeen Hantouli 50m06s

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