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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Mar 31,2019
One of the marvels of the Internet age is that rarely a week goes by without someone inviting you to sign a petition supporting one cause or another.
By Ali Kassay - Mar 24,2019
Some time ago, I chanced to be in a taxi that was jostling its way through a traffic jam, when suddenly a motorist drew alongside us, lowered his window and said to the driver menacingly: “Don’t you know who I am? I can have you thrown in jail.
By Ali Kassay - Mar 17,2019
Once again, terror reared its ugly head, this time at two mosques in New Zealand.
By Ali Kassay - Mar 10,2019
As King Farouk of Egypt boarded his yacht to go into exile in 1952, he supposedly predicted that in 50 years there would be only five kings left in the world: the kings of spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs, and the king of England.Farouk was wrong about this, just as he was abou
By Ali Kassay - Mar 03,2019
Once again, the rain came and with it came mudslides and flash floods that inundated the commercial area of downtown Amman and many other parts of Jordan.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 24,2019
A remarkable story happened just south of Amman the other day, when locals saw a Daesh convoy driving on the motorway with black flags fluttering and weapons drawn.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 17,2019
A very cynical but cogent Arabic proverb says that “two things are rarely discussed openly: the pimping of the rich and the death of the poor”.Seriously. Throughout history, in every civilisation, there is always a segment that enjoys special treatment.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 10,2019
Everyone in the world would love for their country to be famous for something good.
By Ali Kassay - Feb 03,2019
“What is the most important aspect of human rights?” I asked my 18-year-old son.
By Ali Kassay - Jan 27,2019
There are moments in everybody’s life that are so impactful that they colour one’s perception of a subject permanently. One such moment occurred during my graduate studies in the US. The university had arranged a visit to the UN, which some students could not afford.



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