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Ali Kassay
By Ali Kassay - Jul 08,2018
Every now and then, momentous events occur, which you feel privileged to witness even though you played no part in making them happen.
By Ali Kassay - Jul 01,2018
Last week, the Jordanian Court of Cassation upheld the Criminal Court’s verdict convicting two brothers of the premeditated murder of their sister and her sister-in-law.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 24,2018
For every act great or small that Jordanians may wish to do, there is inevitably a point at which they need to submit a petition, supported by a pile of bumph, to some official for permission to proceed.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 18,2018
“Rwanda is so clean! It’s amazing how clean it is.” This is what a friend of mine said when I asked him if he enjoyed his visit to Rwanda. His words made me sad because they reminded me of the rubbish all over King Hussein Park, where I often go for a walk.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 11,2018
The media appear to have labelled last week’s protests in Jordan as “the income tax law crisis” which, I posit, is an oversimplification. The draft income tax law was the spark that ignited the protests, but it does not sum up all the issues involved.
By Ali Kassay - Jun 03,2018
A week ago on Saturday, a modest celebration was held at Al Ahli Club, in which two NGOs: The Energy Conservation and Sustainable Environment Society and the Centre for Strategic Energy Studies awarded prizes to the winners of the art competition on the environment, which th
By Ali Kassay - May 27,2018
In 1984, when the newborn son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was named Henry, and nicknamed Prince Harry, a Texan friend of mine commented: “We should Americanise him and call him Prince Hank.” I was amused to recall these words last week during the wedding of Prince Harry
By Ali Kassay - May 21,2018
When Rock Hudson died in 1985, his legacy was not limited to having starred in over 70 films and TV series.
By Ali Kassay - May 13,2018
A few weeks ago, we had a small fire at home. Fortunately, no one was hurt and there was only some damage to the kitchen.
By Ali Kassay - May 06,2018
Words are remarkable. They can help, heal, hinder, hurt, harm, or humiliate, depending on how they are used.



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