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Daoud Kuttab
By Daoud Kuttab - Apr 15,2015
This may be an existential question, but why, indeed, do people go to war? One reason people and nations go to war is to settle a dispute that they are unable to resolve peacefully.
By Daoud Kuttab - Apr 08,2015
Israel is heavily engaged in two international cases: the international efforts to curtail Iran’s nuclear programme and the world’s desire to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands. While the nuclear issue appears to be on its way to being resolved, there is
By Daoud Kuttab - Apr 01,2015
The state of Palestine officially became a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1, allowing it to sue Israel for crimes of war. But the ability to sue is one thing and an actual conviction another.
By Daoud Kuttab - Mar 25,2015
Many people are wondering why two statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prior to the Israeli elections and on the day of the elections drew so much attention. After the elections, Republican leader and former presidential contender John McCain told US president
By Daoud Kuttab - Mar 18,2015
The Israeli electorate had a choice to make.
By Daoud Kuttab - Mar 11,2015
Parliament is expected to discuss a new audiovisual law.
By Daoud Kuttab - Mar 04,2015
As the Palestine Central Council (PCC) meets at the Ramallah headquarters, two major issues related to the Palestinian national strategy will be discussed. First, the PCC will need to decide how to deal with the approaching April 1 date when Palestine will become a regular membe
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 25,2015
When Israeli soldiers entered the Palestinian Dheisheh refugee camp within the Bethlehem district, they committed a violation of the Palestinian-Israeli agreements often referred to as the Oslo Accords. The accords, which were scheduled to expire before the end of the 20th centu
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 18,2015
As the Palestinian-Israeli conflict awaits Israeli elections, a number of important local and international developments are taking place that could have a long-reach effect on it. Israeli elections, set for March 17, have all but frozen all efforts to move the stalled peace pro
By Daoud Kuttab - Feb 11,2015
At the rate of the current escalation of the conflict with Daesh, there is a strong feeling that the military part of this war will be largely won in 2015. The anger that engulfed Jordan after learning of the heinous crime against pilot Muath Kasasbeh has certainly played a role



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