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Hasan Abu Nimah
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 23,2014
Fighting flared up in Sanaa, the Yemeni capital, in the last days, and ordinary people got caught in the fierce fighting between heavily armed opposition and government forces.  Despite agreements signed by the two fighting sides, the Yemeni capital has been overrun by the
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 16,2014
The latest Islamic State atrocity is the outrageous murder earlier this week of British aid worker David Haines. The crime is barbaric; it was posted on video, as were the two previous cases, when American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff were murdered, adding callousn
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 09,2014
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas approached the US administration with a fresh peace plan. According to press reports, his chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat delivered the plan to US Secretary of State John Kerry in Washington recently. Abbas discussed his idea in meeti
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Sep 02,2014
Signs of cracks in the short-lived Palestinian reconciliation are appearing too soon. The agreement reached between Palestinian rival factions, Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah last April fell instantly under attack.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 26,2014
Not once in the last seven decades were observers right when concluding that the situation in the Arab world was too bad to get worse.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 19,2014
The very simple reason for believing that the Cairo talks are not likely to succeed is that the Gaza siege will not be lifted the way the Palestinian resistance factions demand. Objections to this particular demand do not come only from the Israelis.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 12,2014
The two sides locked in a tough fight in Gaza seem to be eager for a truce, but not at any price.  For the heavy life loss and massive destruction the Palestinians have suffered under a vicious and a cruel Israeli army onslaught, bent largely on revenge and collective
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Aug 05,2014
The latest Israeli onslaught on Gaza is nearly over. The obvious outcome is massive killing and indiscriminate destruction on the Palestinian side. That is the visible part of it.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jul 22,2014
For the second time since the Israeli onslaught on Gaza two weeks ago, the UN Security Council has failed to act in accordance with its duties as defined by the UN Charter.
By Hasan Abu Nimah - Jul 15,2014
When I first learned about the “Hundred Years War” in the 14th century between England and France, it sounded like fiction.



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