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Osama Al Sharif
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 14,2020
As the US and Iran recalibrate their positions following two weeks of heightened regional tensions in the wake of the killing of Qassem Soliemani in Baghdad and the measured Iranian strikes against two American bases in Iraq, one player is cashing in his gains.
By Osama Al Sharif - Jan 07,2020
Iraq is in turmoil following last Friday’s US strike that killed a top Iranian general and an Iraqi militia leader and others near Baghdad International Airport.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 31,2019
As if the eight-year-old Libyan crisis is not complicated enough, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan now wants to add fuel to the fire by deploying troops and sending arms to aid the beleaguered Government of National Accord (GNA) in Tripoli.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 24,2019
Five years after joining the International Criminal Court (ICC) and asking it to investigate Israeli war crimes, the Palestinian Authority (PA) is being rewarded with an historic decision by the court’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, who stated this week that there is sufficie
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 17,2019
In the midst of grim news emanating from the region; Iraq, Lebanon, Libya and Yemen being a case in point, two extraordinary events should have received more attention both regionally and globally.
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 11,2019
At a time when Hamas and Israel are engaged in indirect negotiations to set up a long-term truce that would include prisoners’ exchange and an easing of the economic blockade on Gaza Strip, a pro-Israel US evangelical Christian group called FriendShips has started building a fiel
By Osama Al Sharif - Dec 04,2019
The line between total chaos and a semblance of a political process has been blurred following Sunday’s acceptance by the Iraqi parliament of prime minister Adel Abdel Mahdi’s resignation.
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 26,2019
One cannot but feel a sense of glee watching the dramatic fall from grace of Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was indicted for fraud, bribery and breach of trust last week.
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 19,2019
A government decision to ration petrol and hike its prices has triggered mass protests across Iran over the weekend in what appeared to be a spontaneous erruption against dire economic conditions.
By Osama Al Sharif - Nov 12,2019
From Lebanon to Iraq, angry protests continue unabated against the ruling class, and they have one thing in common: The rage against rampant corruption.



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