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Crown Prince Hussein sets forth a clear youth strategy

Jul 08,2018 - Last updated at Jul 08,2018

His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein has recently set forth a clear strategy for how young Jordanians can shape their own future and build a strong, prosperous Jordan.

The Crown Prince presented, in his speech at Al Hussein Bin Talal University on July 2, 2018 in Maan, a comprehensive vision that all concerned parties, especially the Ministry of Youth, should translate into a future action plan.

With characteristic wisdom and bravery, Prince Hussein went straight to the heart of the many and complex issues confronting young people today, saying: “It is your turn, now, to build, and contribute to Jordan’s prosperity and progress, but in your own way, and with the tools of your age, since every generation has its own identity, opportunities and challenges.”

This observation reflects His Royal Highness’ deep understanding of the problems facing Jordan’s youth, and his determination to unleash their talents.

The prince’s reference to “in your own way” offers young people the free will to achieve their goals, unhindered by the dictates of older generations.

And his mention of “with the tools of your age” highlights the freedom of choice His Highness believes Jordan’s youth should practice to excel in their own unique way.

By emphasising that “every generation has its own identity, opportunities and challenges”, the prince shows his awareness of the nature of ordeals facing Jordanian young people in, as he said, “a region troubled by bloody wars whose implications continue to impact our country” and “an economy burdened with crises”.

Prince Hussein’s speech provides many eminently strategic insights worthy of embrace by young Jordanians and concerned bodies in the Kingdom, and it will benefit our country for schools and universities to include HRH’s speech in Maan, in addition to the prince's address at the UN General Assembly in 2017, as part of their study programmes.


Khalid Dalal is former adviser and media and communication director at the Royal Hashemite Court, and currently senior media adviser and special representative for international strategic communication at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Group

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