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MBC most capable to lead Arab media’s AI revolution

Mar 14,2019 - Last updated at Mar 15,2019

Of all the Arab world’s media corporations, the one most capable of harnessing the enormous potential of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is the MBC Group.

MBC has not only the professional and financial resources necessary to tap into AI’s incredible transformative power, but it also has one of the most progressive minds in the Arab world, Sheikh Waleed Al Ibrahim, its owner, a man who has so often forged tangible successes due to his conviction that “there is no limit to our ambitions”.

Ibrahim launched MBC in 1991, bringing 24-hour entertainment into Arab homes, changing society across the region and heralding a new age. The pioneering visionary who broke the ground with the satellite TV revolution in the Arab world is also the most capable of leading the way for the Arab media industry to embrace the impending AI era.

Hopefully, history will repeat itself and other media corporations in the region will follow suit, and the Arab world will not lag behind the rest of humanity in leveraging the might of AI.

MBC is already moving in the right direction through a remarkable project launched by its news channels, Al Arabiya and Al Hadath. The project’s flagship achievement is Tamara, a robot reporter whose “superpowers” enable her to “process millions of pieces of information in a matter of milliseconds… functioning under a method called GAP — gather, analyze and publish”.

This is only the beginning, and it is timely. At least we know that the Arab world has taken the first step on the road to the AI revolution in the media field, a revolution that is happening, and will take place sooner than we imagine.

The writer is a media expert and senior adviser on international strategic communications and public relations
[email protected]

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