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Khalid Dalal
By Khalid Dalal - Mar 14,2019
Of all the Arab world’s media corporations, the one most capable of harnessing the enormous potential of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution is the MBC Group.MBC has not only the professional and financial resources necessary to tap into AI’s incredible transformative pow
By Khalid Dalal - Dec 20,2018
Are many local and Arab media outlets about to drown in a tsunami of artificial intelligence (AI)?
By Khalid Dalal - Jul 08,2018
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein has recently set forth a clear strategy for how young Jordanians can shape their own future and build a strong, prosperous Jordan.The Crown Prince presented, in his speech at Al Hussein Bin Talal University on July 2, 2018 in Maan, a compre
By Khalid Dalal - Mar 04,2018
India’s great potentials have always made it a destination of rich and abundant opportunities.
By Khalid Dalal - Feb 22,2018
It is not enough to hear the nice words various senior foreign officials keep saying about Jordan and its wise dealing with regional challenges.And it is not enough for them to keep emphasising that the country has always been bolstering the stability and security of the region.
By Khalid Dalal - Jan 29,2018
Since the dawn of humanity, the ultimate hope of great intellectuals, political thinkers and leaders has been that their ideas be embraced and applied by successive generations, especially when their contributions are dedicated to the betterment of the nation's welfare and public


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