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Oct 19, 2014
Things are going from bad to worse in Ebola-affected counties and the world community is doing very little to control this worst outbreak in ...
Oct 14, 2014
Since mid-July, residents of Amman and visitors to Jordan have had the opportunity to see a very special exhibit called “Petra: Desert ...
Sep 28, 2014
Dozens of rules and regulations that one should fulfil in order to get a licence to practise a profession are posted on the Greater Amman Mu ...
Sep 22, 2014
Controversy has emerged in Amman over two locations for the Friday market: Abdali or Ras Al Ain.
Sep 14, 2014
When I dine in restaurants in Amman I often feel like I am being ripped off by owners or managers.
Sep 01, 2014
It has been ages since downtown Amman area looked so tidy and pedestrian friendly. ...
Aug 31, 2014
According to the World Health Organisation, senior citizens (individuals who are 60 years old and above) will make up more than 22 per cent ...
Aug 27, 2014
A couple of days ago, I picked up a young American friend at the airport for his first visit to Jordan.
Aug 25, 2014
I am writing to clarify certain points about Turkey’s stance regarding the ongoing crisis in Syria, to which occasional references are ...
Aug 23, 2014
Living in Amman, one is consistently struck by the misbehaviour of some motorists or about public misconduct and irresponsibility in general ...




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